The SUNBURST Shirt has our Rider Motoring right at you!! With our Sunburst Wheel image surrounding the Bike and the text RIDE RIDE RIDE RIDE….EAT SLEEP around the outside.



Our Ladies DAISY shirt looks like a Daisy, but look again and you will notice it is an array of 8 Bikes,
Pretty as a flower and Motorcycle Cool.

Blast II – Youth


Our Children’s BLAST II shirt is available in orange, Lt Blue and Pink, and has our motorcycle blasting its way to the front of the pack.

Enduro Riding in the Mountains

Here we are going into another winter, it is snowing out as I write this and we have already had a few snow falls this season, and its cold! around 25 out. This summer went by so fast, it seems as each year the seasons go by faster and faster, especially the summers, its probably [...]

ETR Product Review

SIDI Charger Boots Back in the 70′s and early 80′s there were only a few selection of Dirt Bike Boots available unlike today, and even if there were at that stage of my life there was really no money for such items.  If you were able to get a bike, you were set! At least for me, [...]

Flash Back! …… Riding Route 66! out of the Ghost Town of Oatman

oatman Az. Hotel

Back in the Day  We at ETR  shipped our Harley out West to Nevada, Sin City  …. Vegas Baby!  and started a 21 day Ride thru the West…. What a Ride! I work full-time and rarely have time off,  so if I a was going to do this, let’s do it right! Or at least aim [...]

Hot Dogs !

Sport Bikes

Ok, There are the people that Like  “HOT DOGS”  and the ones that don’t, well I Do. So this Story is about a Hot Dog. No no not my old High School friend David Reiff that used to Stand on his Motorcycle Seat and Surf his Bike down the hill towards his parents home with 200 [...]

Some Hot Photos of Cool Bikes!

2012-09-09 15.27.49

Some Hot Photos of Cool Bikes,  from the Landsdale Bike Show.

Featured Style


You take the lead you never look back, you’re in your element! you cross the Finish Line First!
The Checkerd Flag is yours!!